Video – watch a test of durability for Galaxy S 10 and bearing capacity!

Since the announcement of the Samsung from the series Galaxy S. The 10 possible were filled websites, channels YouTube, News, new phones, especially the comparisons and reviews and tests of different months these tests is to choose Acer famous Zack Nelson on channel JerryRigEverything.

This test channel is one of the toughest and most durability tests that not many have a lot of smart phones, where they use sharp tools and attempts to phone hard to hold out in front of her.

This includes test attempts to scratch with sharp instruments and attempts to burn the flame, and even attempts to break and bend the phone by hand vigorously, and in the new video that we use with you today regarding the Samsung Galaxy S10 for all of these previous attempts, will hold the phone the major?

Durability test for Galaxy S 10 :

The result of the test is really amazing, so you can sharp objects from scratching the camera setup triple on the back of the Galaxy S10 or even a front camera in the hole is small, and it is clear that these four cameras are well protected by a thick slab of Gorilla Glass 6 force, which also covers the screen of the Infinity – O measuring 6.1 to provide a standard level of durability .

What is the robustness of the fingerprint sensor built-in screen Galaxy S10’s?

The most dangerous part which you must be careful in dealing with in the Galaxy S10 is the area of the fingerprint scanning ultrasound, because the sensor of the biometric evolving hidden under the screen, so the cracking of the glass will lead to disable the fingerprint reader.

But as we see in the video above this is difficult and not possible in normal conditions, even with the scratched area of the sensor footprint, remains Galaxy S10 works with ease your fingerprint!

Watch the video at the top, when do you think in the comments, you can check out the test battery case S10 Plus.

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