#video | Who is faster? Unmanned vehicle or a professional racing driver?

On our portal we already wrote about the company Roborace, which is one of the participants and organizers of the competition, which involved unmanned vehicles. But who better to show yourself at the track? Remotely managing a car racer or a professional pilot, being on the track? It is a newly found out in the framework of which one of the agreed self-driving race car and racer-professional.

The race was held on one of the tracks “Formula E”. This class of racing and specially built for this trails that use exclusively electric vehicles. The organizers of racing competition between the drone DevBot and drivers that compete in the drift Formula D racing, Ryan Tercom.

DevBot is a prototype racing car that has the battery pack, motor, electronics, and conventional cars class Formula E, but, unlike fellow class, DevBot another structure of the body, the shape of the cockpit for the pilot. This somewhat levels the playing field in terms of aerodynamics compared to “traditional” cars. But, despite a lot of technical “bells and whistles”, DevBot lost a real pilot. Racer passed the allotted section of the track in 1 minute 51.8 seconds, but the drone is already over 2 minutes, 18.4 seconds. Read more to see how the were a race, you can video, available below.

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