#video | Why the lakes form ice in the shape of soccer balls?

Our planet often surprises us with unusual natural phenomena. For example, in 2017 a group of people from the social network Facebook shared photos and videos with slowly floating on the sky a bright purple-and-green ribbon of light, explaining that while scientists have not even been able to find. Recently the people of Finland had a chance to witness another unusual natural phenomenon ā€” on the shore of the lake formed a number of large ice floes in the shape of soccer balls. As it turned out, they sometimes are formed in different parts of the world, but it takes special weather conditions.

The picture did the photographer Risto Mattila

The ice balls dotted the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia, in the Finnish city of Oulu noticed an Amateur photographer by the name of Risto Mattila. The stretch of sand a length of about 30 meters was covered with lots of frozen spheres whose size ranged from a diameter of the Golf balls to the circumference of soccer balls. The photographer posted pictures of unusual natural phenomenon in your instagram and found that to see these ice balls is not a lot of people.

I was on the beach Marjaniemi with his wife. The weather was Sunny, about -1 Celsius, and it was a very windy day ā€” said Risto Matilla the British edition of BBC News.

As formed ice balls?

About how unusual the ice formed round shape, said glaciologists are scientists who study the natural ice of our planet in various forms. According to them, such ice formations can form only in close-to-perfect weather conditions. Weather should be neither too warmnor too cold. The wind must be very strong, but should not be completely absent. Also in the water to float small objects like particles of sand.

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In such circumstances, the water temperature is cold enough and under the influence of the breeze it envelops the tiny grains of sand. While on the surface formed a crust of ice, which almost immediately covered with another layer. This continues until, while on the coast there are many forms of ice balls. See how exactly is the above process, it is possible in the video below.

This phenomenon can be found in different parts of the world. For example, in 2016, the ice boulders were observed on the territory of Siberia, the diameter of the ice floes reached 90 centimeters. Near the town of Kivalina, in the U.S. state of Alaska also found were ice balls with icicles. Most likely, the icy thorns were formed at the moment the lack of wind and warming when the boulders stopped and began to melt. Then the wind resumed, and the temperature to drop, causing the balls regained its hardness and rolled over.

Ice balls formed icicles on them

A beautiful phenomenon, isn’t it? Only here because of the negligent attitude to the purity of our planet and a large number of greenhouse emissions, the Earth’s temperature began to rapidly rise. Subsequently, in the polar regions of the planet began to rapidly melting glaciers. To learn how our planet would look like without ice, I recommend to watch the videos of our special material.

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