Video| with its arrival for sale in Egypt … how cars work Electric?

Officially announced the arrival of the first shipment of electric cars to the port of Alexandria to start put up for sale in Egypt, across the company revolve ™ two i.e. market electric car technology, the company has announced that the shipment includes the electric cars of the type Tesla Tesla of America, Hyundai, ask the South Korean Nissan leaf Japanese.

The advantage of electric cars to state completely of the usual form for the fuel, and replace it with an electric engine, thus can be vehicle charging electricity as an alternative supply of fuel, these cars, despite their high price currently, they are a lot less than fuel cars in terms of operating cost and energy consumption, as can Mr. for a distance of 500 kilometres at a cost of 100 to 150 pounds on average.

So how do electric cars, which is competent to abolish the policy of fossil fuels?

Lies the radical difference between electric cars and fuel stations to dispense gasoline engine or a diesel engine or an electric motor, which works through the electric power stored in the rechargeable batteries.

Spin the wheel of electric cars through the electric motor, which is known to the motor inductance, which is the electric motor which we encounter in many applications in our lives, such as a motor water that pumps water to high elevations.

The electric motor in the electric car via the batteries, and because batteries produce a kind of electrical energy that defines the continuing stream of DC, so you must convert this energy to alternating current AC, called the electric in our homes, through an inverter, (inverter) Inverter.

Apparatus inverter (inverter) in electric vehicles of great importance, he is responsible for the change of the frequency of the mains Frequency, and then change the speed of rotation of the motor, i.e. change the speed of the car on the road, so I think inter is the brain of the electric car.

But the electric motor not directly related to wheeled electric vehicle, there is a gearbox to move the character, will take over the transfer area and torque to the gear handlers and then send the last resort is responsible for the rotation of the wheels of the car.

Car Electric pedal, which accelerated vehicle and the other for braking, and when the stepping driver control the pedal speed, changes the frequency of the power supply outside of the inner, the increasing speed of the motor, and when the driver takes his foot off the accelerator and pressed the brake pedal, the car will slow down from the speed she already has, and then operates the electric motor as an electricity supplier, helping to charge the battery, which is optimal for the induction.

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