#videos | Google has created a work of art using traffic cloud service

Using only one cloud storage Google Cloud daily runs many terabytes of traffic, and recently a group of designers from Google Cloud Storage in conjunction with the Agency Staman Design to visualize these flows. But not with boring tables, but as a fascinating interactive paintings. Moreover, such visualization does not just look beautiful but also carry a lot of interesting information.

To create a simple, clear and intuitive “picture of traffic” the designers used information on the data transfer rate in individual countries and regions, sizes of files, points between which traffic is proxied and a bunch of parameters.

“Analysis of queries to cloud over time showed us a clear pattern, which made it possible to reveal certain regularities. Each such pattern gave us an idea of the relationship of traffic worldwide. Thus, we gathered it all together in one video that gave an overview of the data flow. Traffic jumps from country to country, sometimes showing unexpected connections.” — said the head of marketing, cloud storage Google Cloud Chris Talbott.

The main idea of the project was to create a global picture of the whole service that would highlight the patterns of the traffic flows, and this in turn would give the opportunity to provide customers with more convenient tools for doing business, help companies understand how users of certain regions used specific products, goods and services.

The process of creating the video, available below, began with data analysis of cloud storage as well as requests from customer service. These data indicate “the origin of the traffic” and in which region it is transported. The team for a long time figured these interactions and looking for patterns. This information indicated only the direction of data flow, without specifying who they belong to.

“We have some information about the file sizes and timestamps that indicate when the user performed the request. But we do not know what exactly the user interested in a particular content.”

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