Videos leaked his phone the next Google

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مقاطع فيديو مسربه لهاتف جوجل القادمVideos leaked his phone the next Google

It seems that Google can’t push too hard for secrets of the apparatus of the new, and witness to my words that he, prior to the launch of phone Pixel 3 officially last year, we saw a copy sold in the markets of South East Asia and we saw more of a detailed video of the phone before you know it, google up about it officially.

This year will not vary things too much, here’s the video clips are available for the fourth generation of phones, Pixel, Pixel 4, which is expected to raise about a curtain on the 15th October next in the model, the pixels 4 and the pixels 4 XL .

Today we have a clip of a video Pixel 4 in a moodily it, which it seems will focus on the improved camera, in particular, for Pixel 3, since the camera Pixel 3 was already advanced and fascinating, the actual probably will not Google experience filming the lusty thrills on their new phone.

Huh leaks may mean everything, but also remember it’s may doesn’t mean anything .

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