Vietnamese authorities have accused Modern Tech startup in the theft of 660 million dollars raised for the ICO

In late March, the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) accused the company Centra Tech that promoted boxer Floyd Mayweather, in the theft of $ 32 billion investors. According to the regulator, the company was selling unregistered securities. Now the Vietnamese authorities started an investigation against Modern Tech startup, which appropriated $ 660 million. Their company raised during the ICO.

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The investigation began after the defrauded investors held a protest in front of the company office in Ho Chi Minh city. According to Nikkei, the project has invested 32 thousand people.

Modern Tech has named itself the official representative of two projects — Singapore the social network for celebrities Ifan and Dubai FINTECH startup Pincoin. The owners have positioned the startup as a “good investment opportunity”. According to the newspaper, three projects are the same people — seven citizens of Vietnam. Their names are not disclosed.

ICO Modern Tech from the beginning resembled a pyramid scheme. Investors are offered a yield of 570 per cent per annum and 8 percent of the invested amount for attracting new participants in initial offering.

Nikkei notes that the company continues its activities. However, investors are interest in the cryptocurrency, which is not traded on the exchanges. Tokens cannot be exchanged for other coins or Fiat money.

The representatives of the Modern Tech has not responded to the request. Investors are also unable to contact the company. It seems that investors are once again invested in a project like OneCoin and BitConnect.

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