View 20 comes pattern special games and works to improve the performance of the processor by 20%

Developed the company to Honor a new style for games in phone it possible to Honor View 20, where comes style Gaming+ to support the higher performance of the processor chip Kirin 980 improvements by 20%, through the technique of artificial intelligence.

View 20 gameing mode

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The company announced the Honor during a conference held at MWC, that released the last of the flagship phones View 20 to have achieved sales of up to 1.5 million units since its launch for sale, as it is the top selling in the Amazon store in France.

Comes phone Honor View 20 style called users special gaming experience, by improving the performance of the processor chip Kirin 980 by 20% with the technique of artificial intelligence which works to predict the market. best suited from the processor chip and the screen to produce frames at a good rate with the display of well-proportioned frames at 60 frames per second.

As the company works Honor at the present time to add improvements also in the quality of the display image to the HDR with the technical support Vulcan offered by the company Epic Games soon in the game Fortnite, where can style Gaming+ in the phone View 20 to provide improvements in the performance of the processor by 20% with the addition of technology the Vulcan in game Fortnite.

Recall that the new developments in the phone View 20, game Fortnite come in the framework of the new partnership held between my company’s Honor and the Epic Games.

Also due to sensor supports 3D ToF in the phone View 20 track body movement in three-dimensional games, which is the first step towards the support of augmented reality technology in shopping, and social networking sites.


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