Viewer Optoma scanning 4K responds to the commands “Alexa” – acoustic

This theme viewer Optoma scanning 4K respond to the orders of “Alexa’s” voice appeared on Engadget.

The company submitted Optoma viewer UHD51A scan, which will be available in April at a price of $ 1700, it is supposed to be the first projector that has a balance directly with the assistant Amazon’s voice “Alexa” through the speakers Echo or Dot.


It uses the viewer application programming interface for home entertainment to enable voice control, and when the download function voice assistant Alexa that will be available when the version of the device, will respond to viewer commands the following audio:

  • To start or stop the projector Turn on/turn off the projector
  • Change the inputs, for example Change input to HDMI
  • Image adjustment Raise/lower the volume to 7 or any other number, with support for silent mode

It has been introduced viewer Optoma scanning at CES 2018, which has been tried and worked well without having to add the words proactive like Ask Optoma to any “any of the Optoma did,” stated a company representative that he expected to be rid of the problem for at all.


You can also adjust more settings like picture mode and convert it from dynamic mode to put on a show movies, for example.

In addition, they have included the display Optoma lighting is controlled by the audio plugin, and even display mechanism can rise and fall about my voice; it illustrates the company that will enable connecting them with through the routines of the new by “Alexa”. For example when you use a phrase such as Alexa, Netflix and chill will drop your screen, and will run the lights and the show, to play the movie you want and enjoy the time.

In addition to voice commands and new features:

  • Chip DLP 4K
  • Brightness of 2400 lumens
  • A color wheel RGBRGB new
  • Support for HDR and color wide
  • Zoom 3x, conversion lens vertical
  • Wi-Fi connection or Ethernet


This theme viewer Optoma scanning 4K respond to the orders of “Alexa’s” voice appeared on Engadget.

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