“Vikram Singh” reveals the plans “ugh” Indian to break into the market of mobile source

Said Vikram Singh parmar, CEO of the “love mobile” the Indian mobile phones in Egypt and Africa, if the Egyptian economy is growing strongly amid a state of political stability, stressing that the Egyptian market is large and accommodates approximately 1.7 million mobile monthly according to the statistics.

The company has introduced range of smart phones for navigation available in the Egyptian market during the past months, and take a car to sell me a different in addition to cooperation with e-commerce companies including jumia market dot com.

He added that the market accommodates million and 100 device smartphone per month, 600 a traditional telephone, noting that his company, despite its infancy in the Egyptian market they managed to achieve sales ranging between 40 thousand and 50 thousand PC per month between smart phones and traditional.

Follow Vikram in a press statement that the company “lava Mobile” which started its business in the Egyptian market in January, has become the market share of 4%, indicating that the youth in the Egyptian market does not factor in the increase in the size of the popularity of smart phones and specifically which includes high specification and competitive price.

“Vikram” to buy a lava with many of the distributors of the adults in the market helped them to access to all the governorates of Egypt in the short term, in addition to giving them the ability to control their distribution channels, explaining that the model distribution of the company lava has proven its success in more than 17 countries at the global level, stressing that his company is targeting to reach a 20% market by 2020.

The Egyptian market the first African markets entered by the Indian Brand, the company is looking to expand in a larger number of African countries during the next few months.

Added CEO of Avon in Egypt and Africa, to the smart phone industry in Egypt witnessed unprecedented development in the last few years, referring to owning his company manufacturers, one in India and second in China, with regard to manufacturing in the Egyptian market, he stressed that the investment climate in Egypt, especially attractive, and the new investment law is encouraging, and that they have a plan for the community in Egypt, through 2019 export to Africa through 2020, they are targeting the non-proliferation first centres after-sales service which will reach to 60 at the level of the Republic.

The size of the revenues of the company Avon India, which was founded in 2009 approximately million and $ 200 million in 2017.

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