Virtual currency Bitcoin lose 50 percent of its value


Virtual currency Bitcoin was the focus of everyone’s attention in the past year, this does not seem surprising given that its value at the beginning of the year 2017 was hovering around 800 USD to rise after that, reaching about 20 thousand USD in the month of December of the year 2017. However, the decline in price of bitcoin since then for ranges between 14 thousand and $ 17 thousand USD. However, there have been massive waves in the world of digital currencies all in the last week resulting in the currency of bitcoin to a loss of more than 50 percent of its value after its value had reached 19783 USD on the 17th day of the month of last December.

In the beginning of the day was the value of the coin bitcoin of $ 11 thousand dollars in most trading platforms main and then expanded its loss throughout the day. Has decreased the value of this virtual currency is now at less than 10 thousand US dollars and still the value of the currency balance of the soil. It should be noted that this is the first time in recent months that the value of bitcoin is less than 10 thousands USD.

Bitcoin is virtual currency the only one that lost part of their value this week. The virtual coins such as Ripple and Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum and Cardano and Litecoin incurred without its significant losses in the past few days.

There are a variety of theories about the cause of the decrease in the value of bitcoin very quickly in the last few days. The mission attributed to the laws that pollution in the landscape while others blame it on investor sentiment after the closure of the trading platform Bitconnect that decided to close the store after received message to, and the amount of massive DDoS. With some also Bitconnect running a modern version of the scheme of Ponzi. And yet there is no information about when can rebound the value of the virtual currency Bitcoin.


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