Virus Ryun ransom ware end $ 3.7 million of its victims within 5 months

فايروس ريوك رانسوم وير ينهب 3.7 مليون دولار من ضحاياه خلال 5 أشهر

Virus Ryun ransom ware (Ryuk ransomeware) is one of the software viral malware back the beginning of his discovery for the month of August of the past year; where it infects users ‘ computers or corporate and access important data and to ban them or even delete them and asked for a ransom for the decryption of the ban and allow the owner to re-use them.

According to the company. cyber security FireEye وCrowdStrike can virus raise $ 3.7 million dollars, including the corresponding crypto-currency “bitcoin” during the period of time relating to five months where has been collected across the 52 payment of various financial.

The process begins by planting a malware in your system files in a crooked and cunning through e-mails is not important (such as Spam), then the operators of the virus to study your most important files owned by the user or the target company, which serve to develop the process of extortion, and then launches a virus Ryun ransom wants to turn.

He said the company FireEye that the process may extend for a long time for the arrival of the operators of the virus, aim their desired understanding willing to wait a whole year to encrypt data on the victim for ransom, did not disclose the identity of the hackers who are behind this virus, where it denied all the two companies earlier information indicated that the operators of the virus from North Korea.

However, the firm CrowdStrike said reference virus may be Russian due to several evidence of which elements of the internet used for data references and language, but regardless of who’s behind Ryun ransom ware seems to be the biggest challenge is protection of the future of this virus and control it by understanding things fun data people and businesses to government data.

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