Virus threat makes Google apps for Android spy on you

Most malicious applications to penetrate into our smartphones, get there from anywhere, not only from Google Play. It is logical, because Google is working on the wear, checking everything that gets in its directory. Even if a small part of it still violates the security requirements of the search giant, download the app from Google Play still safer than elsewhere. But experts of “Kaspersky Lab” has proved that it is not always the case.

It turns out that users of devices running Android threatens spyware program called Triout. It collects a huge array of data, ranging from records of telephone conversations, SMS and messages from messenger to photos from memory infected gadget, information about the user’s movements, not to mention the passwords to your Bank accounts and credentials of social media accounts and other online services to which access is carefully protected.

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Spy apps for Android

Unlike other apps spy, Triout is not engaged in surveillance of users, and, in fact, causes other programs to do it for her, turning them into zombies. Triout infects the legitimate software installed on the infected device, which conducts surveillance in its interests. In the end, it turns out that, in fact, you start to spy those programs which it did not expect it. For example, proprietary applications Google.

According to “Kaspersky Lab”, Triout mostly threatened users from Israel and the Middle East. However, there are many cases where malicious apps that attack victims of a certain region, has extended its action from him to remote areas. This contributes to the method of distribution of such applications, links to which are distributed mainly through messengers under the guise of updates or programme extensions.

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