Visa to provide solutions to the See Digital to the staff of the STC

Platform visa they enable the staff of the Saudi telecom company stc in Saudi Arabia from getting its services for free.

فيزيتا توفر حلول الطب الإتصالي الرقمي إلى موظفي شركة الاتصالات السعودية STC

Announced platform Visa Santa, specialized in digital healthcare in the Middle East and North Africa, cooperation with Saudi telecommunications company (STC) to enable employees all over the kingdom to access the site for free.

Comes cooperation in line with the directives of the Saudi Ministry of Health in developing its strategy for e-Health, aims to facilitate access to the remote medical services, through the promotion of the use of service phone consultations in order to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus.

This cooperation will allow the staff of the Saudi telecommunications company to obtain medical consultations and bookings email scheduling is easy through the website and apply the visa they.

In this regard, said the Saudi telecommunications company: “a commitment to our reliance on advanced technology to provide care for the health of employees and their families, staff can STC access to the best health and medical services in the kingdom through the services of visa they advanced, allowing the employees of the company to continue giving and prosperity through the conditions that we are experiencing.”

For his part, said Majid marinated my general manager for visa in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia : “we’ve allowed our partnership with the telecommunications company Saudi Arabia a unique opportunity to expand people’s access to solutions to the Communications, which became the central crisis of the current health care is more important than ever. With the start of the lifting of restrictions on the movement slowly across the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, will have access to preventive care, immediate and remote medical consultation is essential to help reduce the spread of the epidemic. We are proud to partner this to share one of the leaders of the technology this trend by providing technical service people and their health before everything is the center of this pandemic.”

Doubled visa numbers during a short period

Referred that since the launch of visa services two solutions to the communication in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in March last, the higher the daily queries more than doubled.

Platform enables visa they Digital more than two million patients in the kingdom to search for the best providers in their cities, and let them do the bookings immediate and evaluating their experiences of Health. Also offer patients the possibility of reservation has Laboratories, radiology services, surgeries, and other medical services at premium prices.

At a time when the hospitals and clinics full control of deadlines and information to patients via the app or website of Grant.

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