Vitamins can reduce the risk of death, but only if you get them with food

In 2018, it has been proven that most vitamin supplements have little or no benefit. Then, in the list of exceptions included unless folic acid and complex B vitamins — studies have shown that they really can reduce the risk of developing such cardiovascular diseases as stroke. Excessive consumption of additives, according to some scholars, it can be harmful and even cause cancer. Researchers from tufts University said, how to avoid negative consequences.

Витаминные добавки

They found that excessive consumption of calcium in amounts greater than 1,000 milligrams a day can increase the risk of cancer. Also damaging to health is to Supplement with vitamin D — if a person has no deficit, the increase in its amount can also lead to health problems. In addition, the researchers again found evidence that consuming supplements does not reduce the risk of death, that is, they are completely useless.

The study showed that in order to benefit from vitamins A and K as well as magnesium and zinc, you must obtain them exclusively from real foods, not powders. If you take the same calcium, getting it from fresh ingredients, no cancer risk was observed. It is found in dairy products, cabbage and fish, and on receipt of the affects the body positively.

The use of biological additives is often questioned, as manufacturers do not have any regulations, and some of them may even not contain the claimed amounts of nutrients.

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