Vivendi will sell all its shares in Ubisoft before the end of March 2019


We did transfer to you the news that I learned to try company Vivendi, a giant malt-MIDI in France to acquire the company Ubisoft, where she wanted first to go back to the video game market strongly through the recent purchase, and is something which refused his brothers Jim, the founders of Ubisoft has been prominent and that led by the head of the company Yves Guillemot, and we may transfer Our the end of the conflict blew up Ubisoft to retain their independence with the entry of the Tencent on-line and purchase a large share of the stock owned Vivendi.

A new report from MCV confirmed that Vivendi no longer owns only 6.7% of the shares in Ubisoft, and they will the sale of 0.91% of such shares on October 1, will also be sold 5.74% on the fifth of March next, and the total amount is estimated at 500 million euros. Before that, the share of Vivendi nearly 30%, and if you exceeded that to impose the law in France purchase a larger share of the shares of Ubisoft.

This will mark the end of conflict between the two companies, with part of the sale agreement includes not to say Vivendi to purchase any shares of Ubisoft for five years to come.

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