Vivid images for ASUS custom gaming ROG PHONE 2

Comes phone ROG PHONE 2 soon as the first version featuring a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus, and today appeared the first live pictures of the clear for ASUS custom gaming.

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Use ASUS for the official announcement, released the second of phones allocated for the games soon, as the company confirmed recently that it will be the first issuance of the applicable markets with a processor Qualcomm representative Snapdragon 855 Plus.

It is estimated according to the formula Live published today that applies to phone ROG PHONE 2 design special tires clear at the top, so does not include the design of the phone bump in the screen, as the phone comprises two loudspeakers at the top and bottom of the phone.

Also provide ASUS phone Asus PHONE 2 Custom Games transfer a marketing major with a refresh rate of frames up to 120Hz, the highest refresh rate of the frames provided in the smart phones until now, as the phone also supports more than the speed of address update frames of 60Hz, 90Hz and ending with the highest speed of 120Hz, as well as the phone to take advantage of the speed performance of the processor Snapdragon 855 Plus new.

It is planned to support the Snapdragon processor 855 Plus phone experience in games with performance more speed, better support to provide artificial intelligence with the fourth generation of the engine, artificial intelligence, multi-core, support for GB multiple networks 5G, so we expect the official announcement of the phone on the 23 of July.


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