Vivid images phone games Red Magic 3 before the official announcement

Published the latest shopping catalogs live and specifications of phone games associated with Red Magic 3 before the official announcement of the phone on the 28th of April.

Nubia- Red Magic 3

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Use the relationship to nubia for ZTE to launch new version of phones and Games Day 28 of April, and today the monitoring of the phone already in the leaks of comic alive published through the agency for PR, after that show the phone in the final of the Spring LPL in China.

Also try this version significantly version of Mars from the phone, however, the design of this version differs in the design of the camera background you come design diamond matte, it also comes speaker to the bottom of the slot of the cable car, also the phone features with LED lighting in the rear of the phone.

Also show some other details in the design of the phone, where he is expected to back these ingredients to make cooling possible of the phone, also scheduled to apply this version in red as it appears in the registration catalogs.

It is also expected to apply phone the Red Magic 3 chip Snapdragon processor 855 with Ram 12 GB RAM, also supports this version the engine of 4D to support the phone with the allocation of the vibrations, as projections indicate that telephone Red Magic 3 features a battery capacity of 5000 mAh, so we expect the official announcement on the 28th of April to get clearer on the specification of the phone and the level of the pricing of this version.


I know of

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