Vivid images reveal the design of the phone vivo iQOO

The company announced the vivo over the past week about their relationship to the sub-iQOO, which indicated that the expectations they may choose to have the versions coming from the phones games, while the leaks a photographer it will be possible versions of the design of folding, except that the live sound for the issuance of the company’s revealed the design does not support the feature of the fold.

Previously leaked vivo iQOO renders

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Back phone iQOO in vivid images during the launch events of the stars of the NBA in China, however, this version appeared a traditional design does not support the feature of folding, also tend to camera three in the back with the logo of iQOO in the background.

It is expected that this version features a camera vivo the front is possible to design a popup, except that this version came generally not expected to have a traditional design does not inspire with unique features in the design.

On the other hand, projections indicate that this version comes to support players with version featured trying version Honor phone Honor Play issuance Shawty in the phone the Xiaomi Play, it also indicates some of the tensions that this version of the phone iQOO may be designed slide trying to Honor Magic 2.

Still a lot of details about the sub-brand iQOO and new versions available of this tag is not yet clear, so we expect more leaks or announcements of vivo to get clearer on the category of phones anticipated launch of the brand iQOO.


I know of

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