Vivo announces a telephone iQOO 5G with charger capacity 120W and augmented reality

Announced the company Vivo officially unveiled the first versions of the phones and 5G which applies officially phone iQOO 5G to the markets in the second quarter of this year, as revealed charger features fast charging technology and as much as 120W with a system of augmented reality.

Made Vivo the first model of the phones and networks of the fifth generation phone vivo NEX 5G, today released the first applies to the market in the second quarter of this year vivo iQOO 5G.

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And slide phone vivo iQOO 5G chip Snapdragon processor 855 with a modem X50 where the phone comes design supports communication networks of the fifth generation for the whole day with the continuation of charging the battery by 70%.

Confirmed company, Vivo in the official announcement of the phone on the importance of technical networks of the fifth generation in reducing the percentage of delayed response in the contact networks of the fifth generation, which enables connection of several devices with increasing data rate for each device, where it can decreases the delay in response even 10ms, which supports playback of streaming games and applications of augmented reality AR also.

It also reviewed the company Vivo system of augmented reality, which feature two screens 720p, and supports the freedom of movement of up to 6 degrees, and also supports running games, augmented reality, and video content 3D, and you can also adjust the settings of the system to support professional professional also, and the glasses through direct contact by phone.

Also announced the Vivo officially launched during the conference about the charging technology high-speed vivo Super FlashCharge, which is characterized by the ability of 120W to charge the battery of 4000 mAh up to 50% in just 5 minutes, while can provide shipping to support the full charge of the battery during 13 minutes, also features a charger vivo Super FlashCharge support the effort with 20V 6A.

Recall that the Vivo did not confirm on the phone support iQOO 5G fast shipping new capacity 120W, however, the projections indicate plans to Vivo to reveal more details with the launch the phone officially to the market.


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