Vivo announces phone Vivo iQOO 5G before its launch in the third quarter, and about 5G and augmented reality


Vivo iQOO 5G will be the first phone compatible with the 5G from a company Vivo is available commercially. The company plans to launch this phone sometime in the next three months, and although she didn’t reveal a lot of information about the specifications, but it talked at length about the challenges of 5G.

But first, check out the video promo below which shows how life would be with a phone that is compatible with the 5G can charge it at 120 watts :

The phone uses Vivo iQOO 5G processor Snapdragon 855 flagship the latest from Qualcomm and the Qualcomm X50 compatible with the 5G as is the case with most of the phones and 5G, which reached the market so far. This season requires four antennas 5G, this means two antennas additional compared to 4G. With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi into consideration, it seems the total of the antennas in the phone and then my antennas, so it has been a great challenge to find a place for all these antennas and interfering with each other.

That’s not all, having the modem separate makes the motherboard the largest. Given that the 5G technology need more energy, so operating company Vivo to reduce the battery capacity just to make up for it, but it had also to use the design of complex three-dimensional. After all, your phone is linked to a network 5G for a day the battery has been in the range of 70%.

Said the director of the Centre for research and development of 5G technology in the company of Vivo, Mr. Qin Fei that 5G will be the time required to access data, and will allow for more devices to call the police will be for the operators to increase the volume of internet data available to the users.


Can reduce the response time on 5G by 10 parts of a second, this will serve as a blessing to serve the broadcast of the games and applications of augmented reality, as is clear in the video. Was augmented reality glasses in the video part of the declaration, which is used to screen two HD provides 6 degrees of freedom. Can display augmented reality games, videos, three-dimensional and can be used in environments professional also. It is directly related to the phone, and you do not need to computer.

For the occurrence data to the internet, Mr. Qin Fei that telecommunications companies will significantly increase the data size of the internet allowed users to use it from 20GB to 1TB in the bigger plan. Could be the speed of the data is higher by about 5 to 10 times the fifth-generation networks compared to networks of the fourth generation. Given that the 5G technology supports pairing with more devices in one time, can for the Internet Of Things and future conjugations directly to the network instead of the need to bridge.


I reviewed our company Vivo fast charging technology strongly 120W before, this technique is to charge 50% of the battery capacity 4000mAh within five minutes, and takes the process of charging the battery fully in about 13 minutes. However, it is still unclear whether the phone Vivo iQOO 5G will support fast charging technology strongly 120W. We expect to be revealing more details about the phone closer to its launch.

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