Vivo goes to Ukraine

Кукишев Дмитрий

The company Vivo, which is one of the market leaders in smartphones, will soon be released to our market.

Official statements have not yet been, but already there is a Ukrainian page of the official website and also on the website you can find a number of vacancies of the company.

When Vivo will start selling, is unclear. And although it’s a large company with a huge sales Vivo there are problems with the pricing even on the home market, not to mention the regional.

We don’t know what prices their products will put Vivo in Ukraine, but in Russia, where the company has for some time officially present, prices are not always pleasing. For example, the model V11i in Board with MediaTek Helio P60, the usual screen and battery for 3315 mA·h is estimated with the discount of 8000 UAH. Given the availability of alternatives in the form of Redmi Note 7, which is significantly cheaper, and the price seems very attractive. However, we should all wait for the announcement we have to find out prices.

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