vivo is planning for the official announcement about the first versions of phones 5G soon

The company revealed a Vivo for a teaser of a new conference to be held during the Shanghai Cairo on the 26th of June, where the company refers in the declaration to the 5G, with a forecast to provide the company released the first of the phones and 5G.

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Apply soon Shanghai conference phone, and Vivo is one of the companies that have confirmed their plans to attend the event through a teaser refers to the conference on the 26th of June.

Shows in the teaser the words “Give me 5!”, the As the company has indicated to the 5G in the teaser, where projections indicate that they plan to announce the released the first smart phone which supports networks of the fifth generation during the event.

It is planned to hold a conference of the Shanghai of the phone starting from the 26 to the 28 of June, where the conference will focus mainly on the fifth-generation networks and phones 5G, to the side of the smart devices and artificial intelligence.

I have referred the leaks previous to that the vivo is already working on a phone that supports networks of the fifth generation, only that this version will be submitted to the market during the next year, so we expect the Shanghai conference to get clearer on the technique of vivo next.


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