Vivo is preparing a smartphone, which RAM will be more than your PC

How many gigs of RAM in your smartphone and your PC? Personally I have now is a 4 GB and 8 GB respectively.

According to the latest Steam statistics, 39% of gamers have 8 GB RAM, 36,6% — 12 GB or more, and 11,6% to 4 GB. It is clear that the overall statistics are somewhat different. But if in the case of PC, the situation with RAM is straightforward, in the case of smartphones, the increase in RAM is driven more by marketing than real need.

Now there are state employees with 6 GB of RAM and 8 gigs operatives found in the flagship and almost the flagship more often. What’s next? More than 10 GB.

The latest rumors is credited with a volume upcoming smartphone Vivo. Presumably, it will be called the XPlay 7. In addition to the record amount of RAM he will get a huge drive, 512 GB. Interestingly, the flagship he will not be there and will be a step below the Nex models. In particular, he gets a mainstream platform Snapdragon 660. Pretty funny the model will be released.

According to others, and price is no disk imaging. The youngest Nex sold for 610$, so I guess I should expect somewhere in the $ 500.

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