Vivo launches video trailer for full-screen and front camera mobile

فيفو Vivo Apex

Have you ever predicted to get on the phone front camera is not present in the region of the screen of the phone? Maybe this will company vivo you with phone Apex full-screen and a camera moving at the top of the device.

The company has launched a Chinese video trailer phone official World Cup 2018 in Russia, this phone comes with a complete without a bump or any extras on top despite the presence of the front camera, how is that? The idea of the phone vivo new on the visibility of the moving camera from the top of the phone in the case of wanting to use the front camera, it’s probably like a big way the appearance of the product of the submarines.

The user will get full screen in the phone without any hitch, it will also be able to take pictures with a camera selfie as he wants. In addition, the phone will have a fingerprint of the embedded network.

This phone will come in June 12 before the start of the World Cup, so it might be the first phone to full screen in the world of smart phones.

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