Vivo NEX S is the flagship phone later which is subject to testing the durability

Vivo NEX S

Lately, we have seen many of the smart phones relating to tests torture, including the test of scratching and tuck, the latest phone +HTC U12. Having said that, I have decided to channel JerryRigEverything on YouTube subject phone Vivo NEX S for this test also to see how the ability of this phone to move.

In the test, scratching it turns out that the phone’s screen Vivo NEX S not easy to scratch, so that can’t be keys and coins scratch the screen when they are together in the pocket of the user. However, I used the company Vivo the framework of the exhibition, and that means easily scratched this part of the phone despite the fact that the metal used in this frame makes the scratches appear relatively.

For the framework of the phone buttons, they are made of metal unlike the back of the phone covered with Gorilla Glass 5 glass which makes it resistant to scratches by some items such as sharps. This included the test also scratched the place where the sensor of the fingerprint in the screen, but it turns out that it does not affect his job. Lens cameras have glass protective layer also, it is Non-scratching as well.

In the test of war, keep the phone Vivo NEX S for about 60 seconds before it starts screen in distortion relatively. As for the test crease, it seems that the phone is Vivo NEX S is a solid similar to most flagship smartphones that have reached the market newly, this means that it is not breakable easily.

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