Vivo officially announced the phone Apex 2019 the first version that supports 5G networks

Announced the company Vivo officially unveiled the phone Apex 2019 which comes sensor fingerprint supports full screen almost, with a distinctive design dialogue thin, and support networks of the fifth generation.

Vivo - Apex 2019

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The company submitted a Vivo version of the new phone Apex the same features of the main possible issue last year, where the design on the phone support the advantage of the full width of the screen, with frames skinny phone, the design is simple and clear Don’t include any buttons, or competitor, also features Super Unibody glass curved.

Apex 2019 does not guarantee also the entrance to the heavens, or the USB-C port, where the phone is charging via the magnetic connector at the rear of the design of the phone, which can also support data transfer.

The phone Apex 2019 the first versions of this general possible with the technical support of networks of the fifth generation, which includes modem chip X50 5G of Qualcomm, has confirmed the Vivo on phone support with a new compression plug-in to the motherboard to save space by 20% in the telephone support 5G technology, without a change in the simple design of the phone.

Phone Apex 2019 featuring Chip Snapdragon processor 855, with a storage capacity of 256 GB, the memory random 12 GB RAM, also features phone settings double in the rear, but Vivo didn’t provide a lot of detail about the technical work of the camera, where it is expected that no up this version to the stage of marketing and.

Also don’t need phone Apex 2019 on the camera front, however, Vivo confirmed that it aims to focus on design technology in the phone Apex 2019, which now supports the feature Sensor footprint in a larger area of the screen to unlock the phone.

Phone Apex 2019 also includes a technical body soundcasting that support the technical letter in the screen to support the user characteristics of loudspeakers, with the abolition of the speakers grills audio from the design of the phone.

Recall that the Vivo can view the phone and its features during the MWC show that takes place in the month of February in Barcelona, so we show a prototype of the phone again within the next month.


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