Vivo reveal phone Apex 2019 without buttons or areas

Smart phones in the near future, will be the case perfectly. Where the company announced the Vivo Chinese first smart phone in this orientation, where they don’t allow towels or buttons or speakers or any slots at all.

The phone carries the name Vivo Apex 2019 revealed in a conference held a few hours before, where comes with a cover the front-end fully, the sensor suite like fingerprints within the screen which allows you to open the phone fingerprint from any place in the screen through the sensor built-in, rather than the technologies that have emerged during the past months that she used the ability to unlock the phone fingerprint under the screen in a certain area only, but the technique of Vivo much better as it allows ease of use.

فيفو تكشف عن هاتف Apex 2019 بدون أزرار أو منافذ

Basically, you’ll be able to touch anywhere on the screen to open the secure phone, while the touch will be lighting the area around your finger to get a detailed picture of the fingerprint.

The phone does not support front camera, instead there are 2 cameras in the back in addition to count on the full on the technique of wireless charging through magnetic connector MagPort at the bottom of the back side, it allows also data transfer, in addition to the technical support Body SoundCasting able to transfer photos through the screen instead of having speakers for calls.

فيفو تكشف عن هاتف Apex 2019 بدون أزرار أو منافذ فيفو تكشف عن هاتف Apex 2019 بدون أزرار أو منافذ

Apart from all the innovations that brings her the phone, it also comes with high specifications make him phone strong. Where is the first smart phone supports the networks of the fifth generation of the company Vivo, and supports Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 new, and RAM size 12 GB of RAM and internal storage capacity of 256 GB, while the company has not disclosed the details of the battery, but it will be the phone available in the Mobile World Congress in February next will be disclosed in all its details.

فيفو تكشف عن هاتف Apex 2019 بدون أزرار أو منافذ

A summary of the specifications of the phone Vivo Apex 2019

  • Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 855.
  • RAM 12 GB.
  • Memory internal storage of 256 GB.
  • Does not support front camera.
  • Supports rear camera double.
  • Does not support shipping zones and hearing range.
  • Supports magnetic connector for wireless data transfer.
  • Reader fingerprint under the screen.
  • The technique of images within the screen.
  • Called fifth-generation networks.

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