Vivo reveal phone V15 Pro without a bump the front camera sliding strictly 32-megapixel

فيفو تكشف عن هاتف V15 Pro بدون نتوء وكاميرا أمامية منزلقة بدقة 32 ميجا بكسل

The company announced the Vivo Chinese for a new phone joins the list of phones free of extrusion by sliding the front camera which was adopted recently, this phone comes with a camera of three containing sensor 48 mega pixel next to a column of sliding the front camera in the same place.

It features V15 Pro on full screen without protrusion of the LED 6.4-inch type OLED with sensor fingerprint compact inside thanks to the techniques vivo leading in this area. It also comes with a front camera and sliding vertically strictly 32-megapixel, the rear camera is supported by artificial intelligence with three-lens column with a lens accurately 12 mega pixel camera but it sensor 48 mega pixels, lens other wide very accurately 8 mega pixels, beside the lens to focus accurately 5 mega pixel.

Since the phone medium is not holds the best processors, but it offers the therapist a good presence of the Snapdragon 675 which offers performance as high thanks to the nuclei of Cortex-A76 contained in it.

And V15 Pro card firmly 3,700 Milli-amp with two options of memory 6 GB and 8 GB capacity internal storage of 128 GB, the next to face the Android 9.0 on the machine. Also, the phone contains the headphone port and brings the port little charging supports fast charging, despite the fact that a lot of companies use the USB Type-C in its phones that potential however, Vivo have not done so.

Can say that this phone has great potential comes at the price of a few up to 400$, but the problem was Shao has announced its phone flagship Mi9 best processors for Snapdragon camera 48 mega pixel a price of 445$.

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