Vivo reveal system by augmented reality AR Glass

The company disclosed Vivo Chinese formally for the first system of its augmented reality in the name of Vivo en Glass, a system lightweight and with the transparent screen, and is connected with a phone VGo Smart, who didn’t know about it until now.

The company says that the system by augmented reality have 5 cases of use at the current time, including: games, Office work, theater, 5G, facial recognition in addition to recognition of objects.And shows the video clip is a promo short which was published by the company users playing games at the dinner table, and sitting on the couch and takes their jellyfish virtual.

The company has not disclosed any details about the price or the date of the official launch, but the phone associated with the VGo is expected to launch in the second quarter of this year.

Company, Vivo the Chinese system detects its new as part of the move to a new strategy for the brand, where you will products such as smart watches and augmented reality glasses and headphones next to its smart phones.

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