Vivo unveils first smartphone with a sensor fingerprint under the screen in CES 2018

Vivo Fingerprint

In the month of last December, the company announced the Synaptics sensor, a new fingerprint can be included under the screens of smart phones. The company said Synaptics was then that one of the first five in the market of smart phones globally will be behind to provide the first smartphone with this technology in CES CES 2018, currently held in Las Vegas, USA.

Today confirmed the company Vivo rumors yesterday said the offer of her phone, first smartphone with sensor fingerprint under the screen in CES 2018, becoming the first company in the world using this technology in a smartphone. It should be noted that the sensor of the fingerprint of this new be in place between the motherboard and OLED screen where will be held the lighting of the finger, and then the processing of the rays of light.


Said Mr. Alex Feng, a Senior Vice President of buy Vivo in a press release that this new technology has succeeded in providing a solution to the challenge of providing the experience of reconciliation more favorable. Moreover, it has explained the company Vivo that this phone is ready for mass production and should be announced in ” early in the year 2018 “.

When it comes to level of security, the company, Synaptics, in a press statement that this new technology will be safe as far as the sensor of the fingerprint currently being used in smartphones like the Vivo X20 and Galaxy S8.

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