Vivo use for the official announcement about the phone iQOO Neo on the 2nd of July next

Held company, Vivo next conference on the 2nd of July in China, for the official announcement about the released new of phones allocated for games iQOO Neo.

The leaks appeared during the financial period refer to the plans of the Vivo launch phone games new phone iQOO Neo, that applies to this version with the Snapdragon processor 845, and today the company sent Vivo a formal invitation for the conference, which goes from Chengdu city in China on the 2nd of July.

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Offer Vivo its new phone, the ad hoc games iQOO Neo soon issue the last year of the chip processor Snapdragon 845 to launch a version of the special with the level of pricing is good for the users.

And the giant Chinese this version as soon as a sophisticated collection of software that offer a unique experience in gaming, where the phone comes iQOO Neo touch characteristic acceleration, to support the response to the experience of the fastest in the screen correspond to the style used in the games, with zero-lag in the touch, so responsive to touch in the screen at higher speed compatible with the speed of the user’s finger.

Also scheduled to support the new algorithm software Phone iQOO Neo Performance better than a chip Snapdragon processor 845, it is expected that the phone features the management of the resources of the phone in games to get the experience in the end.

Still some details are not definitely clear on the phone iQOO Neo until now, where I reveal the leaks on the specifications of the cooling technology which supports this version, so we expect the conference on 2 July to get clearer about all the details of the specification of the next version of phones allocated for games.


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