Vivo use to detect a phone V15 Pro camera sliding 32 maps

Using Vivo to improve the phone NeX which was launched last year with the camera sliding fingerprint reader integrated network to avoid the presence of the Noto top, where you will see what looks like the latest generation phone later this month.

Planned to be launch the new phone on February 20 in India, that comes with a camera front accurately 32 maps, with a camera background of the three, without revealing any other details.

The Amazon of India to the status page, review the highlighted features of the phone later, referring to his being coming pregnant sensor fingerprint integrated network, with a video trailer short gives us an extremely quick on the phone next.

This has allowed Amazon also feature development for customers interested in the new phone, where it will be put in the site beginning on February 20 at a price of 565$ (2,120 Sr), has also been reducing the price of Vivo NeX on Amazon India now to be at a price of 562$ (2,110 SR).

Source: Amazon India

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