vivo will hold a conference on the 24th of May to unveil the phone vivo Z5x

Select the Chinese giant vivo date to hold its next conference on the 24th of May for the official announcement for the phone vivo Z5x who came in a lot of leaks during the financial period.

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Monitor phone vivo Z5x in the lists during the financial period with the photo reveals the design of the phone, where the phone features the design of screen hole that comes in the upper left side of the screen with frames so thin in the vicinity of the screen.

In the design of the back of the phone comes vivo Z5x Settings three camera car rear special design of the head on the left side of the back, as the phone comprises a sensor fingerprint to the side of the camera background.

Features phone vivo Z5x Assistant virtual known as the Jovi, it also comes in the headphones with the USB port at the bottom of the phone, also due to the phone is available in Black Extreme Night in the center, with 4 models with different configurations between the model characteristic memory random 4 GB RAM and storage capacity of 64 GB, model 6 GB RAM capacity of 64 GB, and the last memory random 6 with a capacity of 128 GB, and comes to the Top Model memory random 8 GB RAM, with a storage capacity of 128 GB.


I know of

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