VMware introduces new solutions with integrated service Amazon Web

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‏VMware‏‏ ‏‏تطرح‏‏ حلول‏‏‏‏ جديدة متكاملة مع خدمة أمازون ويب‏

Reviewed VMware VMware solutions to New allow customers to take advantage of its infrastructure and trade operational unified and harmonious across all environments cloud computing provided by company VMware VMware and Amazon, where customers can thanks to these two solutions apply the solution to the cloud in the VMware VMware Cloud servers points to service external أمازونAWS Outposts, in addition to take advantage of the cloud computing servers of the Amazon company for Amazon EC2 and manage relying on a solution in M ويرVMware Cloud Foundation .

Clients are able to this form of build and deploy applications within their data centres for them and streamline management as a service the ability of the rich and large enterprise category, and these solutions on the servers of the points of the external services of Amazon Web AWS Outposts, and cabinets containing racks on servers, storage, and computerization of New designed equipment Amazon Web Services, therefore customers are able to perform computing operations and storage within the buildings belonging to them, as well as the ability to connect easily with other Amazon Web Services Other cloud.

Said Mark Lomax Mark Lohmeyer, senior vice president and general manager of the Unity Home Solutions Cloud VMware VMware: ”get see VMware VMware to provide customers with the infrastructure and experience of operational, development and peaceful harmony, so that they can do it from the build and run any application anywhere you need the business.”

He added: ”We are delighted to raise coordination with Amazon Web Services and the value that we provide to our joint customers from our wider strategy of solutions the hybrid cloud, which aims to provide infrastructure and data centre knowledge to the software as an integrated service available across the data centres and the cloud and the parties to the network, as well as run on devices the leader in the industry.”

The gate Arab News Technical VMware introduces new solutions with integrated service Amazon Web

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