Vodice (Foodics) closes a round of new investment aims for in the financial

فودكس (Foodics) تغلق جولة استثمارية جديدة تهدف للتوسع في التقنية الماليةVodice (Foodics) closes a round of new investment aims for in the financial

The company announced Vodice (Foodics) on the closing round of new investment by the investors current and renewed with the aim of reaching several areas; most notably the technology sector the past included the development of the system of points of sale all around the retail sector and restaurants. Next to the work of the company on the launch experience of Vodice possible on my system, Web, Android, and after that it was available on iOS only, the development of a range of applications and special devices with the aim of delivering the experience of Vodice to buy more of the new vendors.

This round, led by fund wind technology (RTF), the faith capital, the investment company of technical and forgot about the holding, with the aim of delivering the multi-channel your box to a wide range of business.

Will this round of new investment funding the company is worth 15 billion Saudi riyals – US $ 4 million approx. Will their role in promoting the company’s investments which overcome the barrier of 30 million Saudi Riyal – US $ 8 million.

She said Vodice in its statement: “the company will provide for the first time in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council – POS system with the payment platform, which is designed to be fully integrated with every type of business. Also planning to Vodice to make the device innovative quick, simple and safe in order to help customers better focus on their business.”

Strategy Vodice ( Foodics ) new to the awareness in the sector of technical and financial Fintech and providing a new level of innovation, available as a strategy of Vodice with the vision of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision to encourage the digital transformation in all sectors and raise the proportion of electronic payments is one of the initiatives the programme of the financial sector.

The company has received the approval of Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency and to join the environment of the experimental SandBox which enable it to offer its POS system to the comprehensive, and services payments by accepting any form of payment and print receipts quickly and in a manner the chain through the one device.

It is worth mentioning that it will launch the service first to customers in the Saudi market, then will be put up in the rest of the Middle East and neighboring countries.

And A. Zini about the company’s Plan 2020, said: “We are excited to launch new products that will enable us to expand the customer base and to highlight the strengths in our applications, we aim continuously to anticipate the needs of customers consistently where their changing needs are the source of our inspiration.”

In added Tell Mr. big cities have sport fund development and board member of the Vodice: “think of Vodice is one of the top promising companies in the kingdom through the great success which it has achieved with its customers and partners succeed. As to the investment of fund wind to the east again is the strong indication of our faith full future of the Company outstanding. We aim to support the company’s goals of excellence in providing services and payments solutions for the financial Fintech accordance with the directions of the financial sector in general as well as to contribute to the support of the company our expertise in this area and the financial markets alike.”

The company was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Riyadh, has become offering their services in 17 countries in the Arabian Gulf and throughout the Middle East and North Africa, the United Kingdom and Europe through 6 branches in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Jordan and the launch of an app store that contains applications to a variety of services through channels Vodice open API.

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