Voice assistant Alexa is coming to LG TVs 2019

المساعد الصوتي أليكسا قادم إلى تلفزيونات إل جي 2019

The company announced the LG Korean that voice assistant Alexa from Amazon will be available on TV, its launched in 2019, where it will be released a new update for smart TV of the company carries with it the voice assistant service to users in the United States and then in Europe and Asia.

With the addition of Assistant Amazon, users of LG Smart TV enabled TVs LG AI ThinQ they will be in front of the different options to aid sound because a large number of models released in 2018 and 2019 Download Assistant Google Voice with it.

And don’t think this is the first time that evening the Amazon to TVs Korean company, where it has already got some models that released in 2018 on update to save Alexa.

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