Voice assistant Cortana will soon use the multi-

المساعد الصوتي كورتانا سيدعم قريبًا الاستخدام المُتعدد

By leaps and bounds Microsoft continues to support her personal assistant Cortana and his staff on all devices and applications, though not announced any plans for a new course even now, there are hints that he will very soon feature a stylish and professional at the same time, a support to use.

Where this feature has appeared to some users of the Xbox and Harman Kardon Invoke it is very likely that there will be the launch of the wider over the next few days, on the other hand, will allow a new option for users to train Cortana to the voices of their own, will be 5 different voices, in other words, won’t face these people any problems using Cortana as long as they trained the assistant for their voices.

Finally assistants others like Assistant Google and Alexa from Amazon support multi-users, so making Microsoft’s assistant Cortana is on par of the competition.

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