Voice assistant Google Coach will help you with workouts and diets

More assistants, good and different! Apparently, this slogan in the near future will be implemented by many companies. And I’m not about that now every major IT company wants to release its own voice assistant.

I mean that soon these helpers will exist in different forms. About Google Duplex we have been told. Now Google Coach. The source claims that the search giant is preparing a voice assistant under this title, although the release is, of course, it is subject to change.

As you might guess, it will deal with issues of sport and the health of the users. To implement initially, it should Wear OS, due to the presence of smart watches from various sensors to track your activity and health.

In General, Google Coach will take your training and nutrition. Yes, now in the presence of a couple of dozen extra kg you can’t make excuses with the phrase “I want to deal only with the coach but I have no money”. Google Coach to help you!

Seriously, the source claims that the assistant not just can tell you something in the matter of training, as does a variety of fitness, he will be able to create complete training plans, taking into account your wishes and health indicators. That is, he will consider your age, weight, physical activity, heart rate and anything you give him.

Moreover, he can also act for you in the role of the dietitian, planning my menu for the diet of one or another direction. Will even be able to tell which of the nearby restaurants serve healthy meals. In General, it will help you to lose weight or gain, depending on what you want.

But first, while this is unofficial information, and secondly, you need to understand that there is no AI, especially aimed purely at the consumer market, currently can not replace a trainer or nutritionist. He will not be able to replace even a person with normal training experience, experience in building power and brains in the head. AI will not put you equipment in the gym, not take into account features specific to your muscular composition, well, except that food all should be more or less good, as diet is generally quite simple if you have the appropriate knowledge.

However, I am still happy to try Google Coach when he appears to compare with what I know about training and nutrition. Until the date of the announcement AI is not reported. Perhaps it will roll out together with smart clock Pixel in the autumn, and perhaps sometime in the future.

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