Voice assistant Siri has more than 500 million active users

The last time you talked to Apple about the preparation of a users voice assistant Siri, was among the Developers Conference the previous WWDC 2017 where the service was active on the 375 million devices running iOS.

Yesterday Apple updated the figures in the statement of the launch of sky smart HomePod where the company reported in its statement that the Siri service has become active on more than 500 million devices and more, there are more than half a million users benefit of the advantages of Siri .

The service has added 125 million new users during the last 7 months, equivalent to 25% this growth rate is excellent thanks to the diligence of Apple in the extra advantages more like real-time translation and read news messages, and other advantages to which is added recently .

Siri also will be present on the sky smart HomePod this means an increase more in popularity .


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