Voice quiet and comfortable.. how to read helper Google bedtime stories?

If you are looking to stage your childhood when you read someone a bedtime story, then you are lucky (if you have an Android phone) where there is a feature in Gmail Assistant was recently added to the users landed, where can help Google do that now.

Has issued a recent Google job “tell me the story of” Assistant Google on all Android phones, previously they were available only on Google products, the smart home, but now you can read the story of you bedtime and in a manner and voice calm, comfortable and really helps you sleep, keeps the competition between the companies of mobile phones are the primary concern of users now in relation to this new feature in Gmail Assistant.

Will comes to mind, those questions are Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is the best phone to listen to bedtime stories?, the You will have iPhone 11 any further potential in that story?, the You will contain the OnePlus 7 on the best story?, the Certainly waiting for answers to those questions through the development of those companies for their products but what we can tell you now is how to process that water.

How to read the assistant to Google the story?

مساعد جوجل يقرأ لك القصص قبل النومAssistant Google reads you a bedtime story.

Function Tell Me a Story just as available and simple, so if you tell Google to run the feature “tell me a story” or by using some other expressions like “read me a bedtime story”, or “a bedtime story now,” will says App Open the Play Books will read the story of the randomly selected for you.

Despite having several stories added Currently to date, however, there is no way to choose a particular story to read and still up to Assistant Google for the story myself, also still water does not support all languages yet, this varies the length of the story, The Voice added between three to ten minutes, and reading with a beautiful voice and comfortable perfect to get the desired comfort after a long day at work.

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