Volkswagen and Ford close to signing a deal related to the development of self-driving cars

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Confer two of the largest car manufacturers in the world about a possible deal on a partnership to develop self-driving cars. Reported reports that the CEO of Volkswagen explained that Volkswagen and Ford on the verge of reaching a deal. Experience the two companies talks for months, but these comments from the responsible senior executive in the company’s explains that these talks have entered a fairly advanced stage.

Tell the CEO’s of some 500 senior executives from all over the world in the company headquarters in the city of Wolfsburg today that talks with the company to Ford about the partnership in the self-driving cars are going well and will be completed soon. This will be a strategic partnership with Ford useful to buy a Volkswagen because the American company was investing heavily in the development of self-driving cars for several years.

During the meeting, the president and CEO of Volkswagen said : ” without a strong presence in the United States where our presence is weak, conflicts and global trade will make us in a dangerous situation, “ he added : ” Today we are a company moving strongly in China. We need to have the effect of weigher in the United States of America “.

Reports indicate that the two companies may announce the signing of partnership agreement in early next month. It will take an investment of Volkswagen in the company Argo AI subsidiary of Ford interested in the development of technology for self-driving. Expected to show more details about this partnership when approaching the date of official announcement about it.

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