Volkswagen is investing € 60 million to electric car

Said volkswagen Volkswagen, the German company leading in the automotive industry, based in Wolfsburg, yesterday everyone: it is the host the option to invest up to 60 billion euros (66.12 million) over the next five years in an attempt to create a line for the production of electric cars along with hybrids as well as digital technologies.

This means that the German carmaker will invest more money than was planned in the former to expand its fleet of electric, and the amount of funds allocated to improve the company to company and industry policies, working with electricity, and increases by 16 million euros from what was announced previously.

Said Hans-Dieter Buch Hans dieters Pötsch, chairman of the board of directors in a statement: the focus of the company Volkswagen, its investment on future development, the board approved management company for the building, saying the money will run out between 2020 and 2024.

According to the statement issued by the company to the German car industry is leading, the group of auto industry multi-brand is the only automaker that has achieved a profitable quarter in the third quarter with the exception of Tesla company Tesla the American electric car maker.

And Volkswagen, amid a significant slowdown in car sales all over the world, to build 75 different species of electric cars and about 60 models of hybrid cars by the year 2024.

Said a high official in the company of German car manufacturers following the publication of the statement: if the leading company in the German automotive industry aiming to put nearly 26 million electric cars by the year 2029, of which 20 million will be used platform MEB electric flagship of the Volkswagen.

Apart from that, it has explained the carmaker in its statement, they are considering a comprehensive reform and extension of the factory in Emden, Germany in order to build a SUV (SUV) as of 2022, a decision is made on where to build the assembly plants by the end of the year.

This is due to the conversion of three sources entirely in Germany, while will be converted to factories in China and the United States in whole or in part, the company hopes that it will help the shift towards electricity in achieving the objectives of the new European Union carbon dioxide emissions.

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