Volkswagen is preparing to break the land speed record for electric vehicles

Among the manufacturers of electric cars is a competition in speed climbing the mountain Pikes Peak (Colorado, USA). While it may seem that all this was done in order to “face off”. But really this is a test for all systems of the electric vehicle, which shows strengths and weaknesses and to make the car even better. This challenge recently and decided to take the Volkswagen, which is not just want to “get to the top”, but to do so faster than their predecessors.

Especially for the implementation of its purposes, the Volkswagen engineers have built a sports electric car. In the electric vehicle, fitted with 2 electric motor with a total capacity of 680 horsepower. Up to 100 miles, the car accelerates for 2.25 seconds, and its weight is only 1100 kg.

Experts Volkswagen has already tested the prototype car in windtunnel. In addition, as stated by the creators, for the construction of machine has been used for over 2000 parts created using 3D printing technology. Due to this, engineers can make changes to different parts of the car literally “on the fly”, without waiting for deliveries from the factory.

The current record is 8 minutes and 57,118 seconds. Volkswagen plans to beat the record of 24 June this year. And while you can see the video in preparation for this event.

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