Volkswagen unveils the mobile terminal to the company for electric cars


To that comes the day you become the Chargers of electric cars are readily available everywhere, we believe that persuading more people to adopt electric cars will take some time. But for those who are concerned about the extent to which the market can electric cars cut it, it seems to have the company’s solution to this problem-a solution which comes in the form of a mobile terminal for charging electric cars.

This is basically a charging station for electric vehicles, but mobile, which means that it can be moved to different places where there may not be any charger for electric vehicles. For example, can be brought to festivals and events where they can be put in a position where cars can electric cars recharge themselves using it.

Charging station Mobile, this company’s stretch machine with a capacity of 360kWh speed charging high up to 100 kW per hour, which means that the charging station mobile This able to charge 15 electric car in a time of 17 minutes on average for each car. Designed charging station this to be portable and can also be converted to a permanent terminal for the company. Also can recharge this by using clean energies such as solar or wind power, this means that the engine can shipping this mobile to reduce the burden on electrical grids during peak hours, have been adopted in the company’s in charging station Mobile this is the same concept adopted by the company Tesla in the station Energy Home Tesla Powerwall.

Having said that, it does not seem that Volkswagen is planning to launch charging station Mobile this any time soon. It is expected that the start of the German company testing in the city of Wolfsburg in the first half of 2019, and may not be released widely until the year 2020 to say the least.

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