VOLT drones could be very useful on the road

Despite the fact that electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular, there are still not enough public charging stations for them. It is this moment that stops many people who were thinking about buying a brand new electric car. Indeed, how to be, if you stood in the middle of the road, the batteries sat down, and to the nearest charge ten kilometers? His vision of the solution to this problem was presented by designer Inje Buck, who invented the concept of drones-chargers.

Each such drone is equipped with soft "paws" so as not to scratch an expensive car when landing and gently land, and its cameras and other sensors allow you to fly carefully between obstacles, not bumping into anything. Inside the drone is proposed to place a battery with which you can recharge the electric car.

All ingenious is simple! Service VOLT service could be ordered through a special application, which, by the way, will show the location of the nearest stations with drones. You can call a drone with one click – it also quickly navigates by GPS, who exactly called it, determines the direction and finds out which car needs charging. He will fly by himself, charge himself, and then he will fly away. Payment for services will be automatically transferred through the same application.

It is unfortunate that design concepts, for the most part, remain beautiful sketches on paper or in presentations stored in a folder on a computer or laid out on Behance, so that no one will arrive to recharge our electric cars that have sat down in the middle of the road. Will have to wait.

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