Voting by block Chi blockchain with service Polys

Chose the European network of centres science museums (cost) Ecsite, the service Polys, which is a voting system based on the technique of block Qi blockchain, and its Kaspersky, to conduct a vote of the congregation at its annual meeting held recently. Show non-profit organizations increased interest in voting, the Website is a “cost” of the early services that speak to this type of decision-making, the digital.

And voting is essential in the work of non-governmental organizations, enabling the organization to hear the opinion of each of its members. However, you often find non-profit organizations challenges in organizing the process of voting; it is difficult to prepare the required documents or finding staff to manage the process. While the electronic voting for this challenge addresses the problem faced by organizations, can not guarantee the workers security and transparency in the voting process, two factors are particularly important when dealing with sensitive topics such as setting budgets or the selection of administrative bodies.

And service Polys-based platform technology to block Qi allow the proposal online without fear of manipulation of votes or the results, in order to ensure the security of the voting process. It follows the decentralized nature of this fragmented assessment block Qi data is stored in blocks distributed on each device is used during the voting process, what makes it impossible for vandals to cyber criminal interference in the voting results.

Composed of the organization “cost” of a network of more than 325 entity of the centres operation, museums, and specialized research agencies, festivals, universities and domes of the heavenly, as well as institutions and scientific societies. The network held a meeting of its Ordinary General Assembly annual on the sixth of last June, where he was on the general body to take decisions on six different topics is the adoption of the report of activities for the year 2018, the adoption of the financial report for the year 2018, the adoption of the citizen of the year 2019, and the adoption of membership fees for the year 2020, as well as the election of President and election of the board of trustees. The organization of the voting process, the cross-platform service-Polys on the internet. The members of the organization at the beginning of the meeting, a QR code that let them in when you scanned with cameras of their smartphones to a web page record access using a unique code specific to each of them. Could be members who didn’t have smart phones to vote via a special terminal in conjunction.

In total, the number of voters to 90 members, according to the subject under vote. The results were announced immediately after the completion of voting. Provided the voting system a lot of time on the “exit” during the event and to avoid any tensions. It was in the previous run of the election traditionally by vote is with the proposal, what he requires four members to at least count the votes, while voting on certain topics by show of hands.

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Catherine Franche executive director of the organization “exit”, the group Polys “helped us in upgrading our meeting the annual general to a higher level through a voting system that’s easy to use, reliability and high security”, and confirmed that this system allowed for voting process smoothly, quickly and efficiently.

For its part, he said, even Parco position business development manager company Kaspersky, said that the process of voting in non-governmental organizations “often takes a lot of time and effort”, expressing his congratulations for the “cost” that I used to tested voting via the technology block Qi “makes it a prominent force among non-governmental organizations”, and noted that the manual counting of votes, for example, becomes troublesome when it occurs in a conference or meeting, since it requires from the audience waiting for the final results, added: “Need these products to tool safe and easy to use to allow members to express their opinions and the voting results without delay, we have received many requests from non-governmental organizations consulted by the use of our solution and its benefits”.

Can be found more detailed information about the service Polys.

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