VPN Opera announced the closure of the service

“Olaf is retiring”, reported on the website of the most popular Opera VPN for mobile devices. Opera VPN will cease to exist on 30 April 2018. “But don’t worry. We will help you to ensure incognito and then”, the statement said. All Opera users Gold will receive a free annual subscription to Ultra SurfEasy VPN.

Owners of other packages that promised 80% off on VPN SurfEasy. For the transition is sufficient to update the app Opera VPN for iOS and Android to the latest version.

Recently, in connection with the lock service Telegram in Russia, the service VPN Opera topped the list of popular apps in the App Store. Although the reasons for the closure of the service is not reported, it is believed that the Opera developers VPN not afraid to deal with newcomers and to provide substandard service.

“SurfEasy, created in 2011, maintains a 99.9% uptime globally and regionally for all of its users, has a unique blocking ads and trackers, and importantly, does not record the browser activity or the download as some other VPN”.

The company Opera VPN apologizes for all the inconvenience. However, Opera has a built-in VPN and will continue, apparently, work.

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