VR-helmets new generation will need only one cable is USB Type-C to connect to PC

The VirtualLink consortium announced a new standard that will get rid of the pile of wires necessary for the operation of the VR helmets, replacing them with a single USB cable Type-C.

VirtualLink the consortium consists of such companies as AMD, NVIDIA, Oculus, Valve and Microsoft, thus the new decision in the interest of all major players in the VR market. Now users have to use multiple USB cables and HDMI to connect the VR helmets to the PC. The new standard will significantly improve the situation, because the user will only need one USB cable Type-C.

It will also contribute to the increase in the popularity of VR-helmets connected to the PC. Moreover, the new standard VirtualLink allows you to use VR and other devices with USB Type-C, for example, ultrabooks and tablets. The main requirement is that the USB Type-C supported the transfer of power and data (maximum output cable power — 27 watts).

This solution will allow you to do virtual reality helmets more ergonomic, because it will be enough to provide for connection of only one cable. However VirtualLink reports that the new standard will be implemented only in the devices of the next generation, so users will have to wait and be patient VR helmets multiple cables.

Source: The Verge

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