VTSIOM: more than half of Russians do not believe in the Americans landing on the moon

According to the latest survey of the national center for public opinion studies, more than half of Russians (57 percent) are convinced that no landing on the moon was not. According to respondents, the American government falsified documentary material and no landing of American astronauts on the moon actually was not. VTSIOM decided to find out what else you believe or don’t believe the Russians. So, one of the questions dealt with aliens and the other the shape of the Earth.

With regards to landing on the moon, opinions about “feykovye” this event according to sociologists is mainly held by people with secondary education. The percentage of respondents in this category was about 65 percent. Believe in landing on the natural satellite of our planet every fourth Russian (24 percent), most of whom (32 per cent) are people with incomplete higher and higher education.

The vast majority of Russians (93%) believe irrefutable evidence that the Earth is spherical in shape. While 3 percent of respondents believe that the scientists injected all the confusion, and in fact the Earth is flat.

The survey also showed that almost half of Russians (45 percent) believe in the existence of alien civilizations. One in five (18 percent) believes that the government is hiding from the ordinary people of this fact.

“Today, 42 percent of our citizens think that the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations do not visit Earth or they don’t exist. However, 45 percent of respondents believe in the existence of aliens: among these, 27 percent believe that aliens are hiding from humans, and another 18 percent believe that the government is hiding aliens from us”, — stated in the published results of the study.

In addition, nearly 60 percent of respondents said that scientists hide the truth from us (77 per cent of respondents therefore have an incomplete secondary education). Opinions about whether scientists know the truth, were divided: some 42 percent of Russians believe that scientists know the truth (most of these (45процентов) among people with incomplete higher and higher education). That scientists are mistaken, I am sure, 41 percent of respondents (most people with this opinion (54%) people with incomplete secondary education).

“A significant number of compatriots don’t fully trust scientists admit the existence on Earth of aliens and not believe in the Americans landing on the moon. Naturally traced the decline in the popularity of such ideas in the growth of the educational level of the respondents. However, it should not be discounted and still, apparently, having a real reduction in the authority of science in society”, — commented the results of the survey head of the Center for social and economic research Nisio Academy under the President of the Russian Federation Oleg chernozub.

In his opinion, the blame is not only politicians and entrepreneurs, to inflate the hype surrounding the pseudoscientific data, but the scientists themselves, from time to time publish is not fully tested data.

The poll in telephone interviews conducted on may 29-30. His respondents were 2000 participants, aged 18 years. The researchers note that the maximum size of error with a 95% probability does not exceed 2.2 per cent.

We will remind that in the beginning of last year, polls found that 25 percent of Russians believe that the Sun revolves around the Earth.

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